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Sinopsis de Το Μικρό Ψάρι

Te contamos un poco sobre la pelicula Το Μικρό Ψάρι ... At age diecinueve, Stratos committed a crime of passion. He spent half his life in prison, where underground boss Leonidas took him under his wing. One day during a contrincante gang attack, Leonidas saved his life. Stratos never forgot this. A free man now, Stratos works the night shift at a bakery taller, a far cry from the killing contracts he executes by day. He gives away all his money to spring Leonidas out of prison, funding an escape plan managed by Leo’s brother, Yorgos. The fulfillment of his debt is the only thing that matters to Stratos, everything else is indifferent and he lives detached, surrounded by ghosts and fallacies. The day of the escape, the most important day of his life, is near…

Elenco completo: Vangelis Mourikis, Vicky Papadopoulou, Petros Zervos, Yannis Tsortekis, Giorgos Giannopoulos, Polina Dellatola, Yannis Voulgarakis, Popi Tsapanidou

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