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Te contamos un poco sobre la pelicula Night Will Fall ... When Allied forces liberated the Nacionalsocialista concentration camps in mil novecientos cuarenta y cuatro-cuarenta y cinco, their horrible discoveries were recorded by army and newsreel cameramen, revealing for the first time the full horror of what had happened. Making use of British, Soviet and American footage, the Ministry of Information’s Sidney Bernstein (later founder of Granada Television) aimed to create a documentary that would provide lasting, undeniable evidence of the Nazis’ unspeakable crimes. He commissioned a wealth of British talent, including editor Stewart McAllister, writer and future cabinet minister Richard Crossman – and, as treatment advisor, his friend Alfred Hitchcock. Yet, despite initial support from the British and US Governments, the largo was shelved, and only now, setenta years on, has it been restored and completed by Imperial War Museums.

Elenco completo: Alfred Hitchcock, Sidney Bernstein, Billy Wilder, Helena Bonham Carter

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