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Sinopsis de La Memoria del Muerto

Te contamos un poco sobre la pelicula La Memoria del Muerto ... Forty-nine days after George’s death his wife, Alicia, calls friends who wanted to read over the letter that he left before he died. It is a very affectionate and moving letter, which addresses each of those present, knowing that his death is near. Little do they know that they are part of a ritual prepared by Alicia, with the connivance of Santiago, the closest friend of George, to bring him back to life – and that ritual, full of ghostly apparitions, traumatic and terrifying, will be gaining further life from each of the guests. The surprising twists in the plot will lead up to the most unexpected of endings.

Elenco completo: Jimena Anganuzzi, Lola Berthet, Ana Celentano, Rafael Ferro, Gabriel Goity, Flora Gró, Matías Marmorato, Pamela Rementería, Lorena Vega, Luis Ziembrowski

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