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Sinopsis de Jian Bing Man

Te contamos un poco sobre la pelicula Jian Bing Man ... Pekín, the present day. Popular TV personality Da Peng (Da Peng) is invited by gangster businessman Wang Hai (Liang Adiós) to make a largo in which he will invest. Wang insists that Da Peng`s co-star is TV drama actress Du Xiaoxiao (Yuan Shanshan). However, after a nightclub scandal involving Da Peng goes viral, he`s blackballed by a powerful internet executive (Converses Zhang) and finds himself unable to attract any male co-star. Wang also wants his investment back. Da Peng decides to make his own movie on the cheap, using a script he has about an alien, A Li, who arrives on Earth and has various adventures as a superhero.

Elenco completo: Chengpeng Dong, Liang Chao, Yuan Shanshan, Yi Yunhe, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Eric Tsang

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