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Te contamos un poco sobre la pelicula Grand Theft Parsons ... There are times when it`s right and proper to simply bury the dead. This is not one of those times... Gram Parsons was one of the most influential musicians of his time; a bitter, brilliant, genius who knew Elvis, tripped with the Stones and fatally overdosed on morphine and tequila in mil novecientos setenta y tres. And from his dying came a story. A story from deep within folklore; a story of friendship, honour and adventure; a story so extraordinary that if it didn`t really happen, no one would believe it. Two men, a hearse, a dead rock star, five gallons of petrol, and a promise. And the most extraordinary chase of modern times.

Elenco completo: Johnny Knoxville, Christina Applegate, Gabriel Macht, Marley Shelton, Robert Forster

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