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Sinopsis de Amaneció de Golpe

Te contamos un poco sobre la pelicula Amaneció de Golpe ... The largometraje follows the events of the night of February cuatro, mil novecientos noventa y dos in Caracas, Venezuela. That night a group of military rebels staged a coup d`etat. Venezuelans found themselves as virtual prisoners. As the coup starts and fighting takes place from a military base which is in the center of the city`s most affluent areas, with both luxury high rises and palatial mansions. The área of La Carlota provides a wealth of very interesting, often flamboyant and typical characters of the Latin America upper middle and upper classes. They are among the most affected. Various vignettes in these different characters` homes are developed. These people`s reactions, lifestyles, vices, and humanity come out in a very honest fashion under duress.

Elenco completo: Manuel Aranguiz, Mirtha Borges, Yanis Chimaras, Víctor Cuica, Gonzalo Cubero, Ruddy Rodriguez

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