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Te contamos un poco sobre la pelicula Chasing Ghosts ... Lucas Simons has become obsessed with death following the loss of his older brother. A shy child, Lucas spends most of his free time filming funerals in an attempt to understand what happens when we die. When Lucas accidentally atrapes a mysterious presence in one of his largometrajes and posts it on line, he inadvertently becomes a YouTube phenomenon and the objetivo of media speculation. Suddenly, he and his grief-numbed parents find themselves thrust into the spotlight, shaking them out of their complacency while complicating their relationship. Lucas`s quest for answers leads him toward an unlikely friendship with Chris Brighton (Tim Meadows), a local author who died for nine minutes and lived to tell about it. As Chris takes on a guía role to Lucas, he helps him navigate the fame while teaching him how to embrace life again and live larger than the shadow of death. (from Nashville Largometraje Festival)

Elenco completo: Tim Meadows

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